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The Law & You

What Are My Rights as an Injured Employee During COVID-19?

The Law & You
April 14, 2020

The Law and You

What Are My Rights as an Injured Employee During COVID-19?

Haley Bianco: It’s that time of the day for “The Law And You.” Joining us today, we have attorneys Greg Fellerman and Ed Ciarimboli. Nice to see you both remotely.

Greg Fellerman: Nice to see you.

Ed Ciarimboli: Ah, I’m back in my kitchen, Greg is in his home office. Can’t wait to be with you again!

Greg: I just hope everyone is watching. I just hope everyone has been watching Ed’s performances with all the tricks and stunts that he’s been doing on social media.

Ed: Hahaha!

Haley: Absolutely. Yes!

Greg: It’s impressive.

Haley: Follow them on social media so you can see Ed’s many tricks he has up his sleeve. Always entertaining.

Ed: Oh, yes. Yes, a legend in my own mind.

Haley: Let’s get to today’s question. Haha. This comes from Elise in West Pittston. She says, “I was hurt at working and I am wondering what my rights are during this time.” Are they any different now than they were before, Ed?

Ed: No, they’re not at all. You know, the worker’s compensation rules haven’t changed at all. But it’s a really good question because, you know, if you’re hurt at work usually the first thing that has to be done is obviously you’ve got to have notice of the claim and then you’ve got to get medical treatment. And that’s really a problem right now for a lot of people. If they are hurt at work, like what do they do? How do they get treatment in order to document their injuries, document their claims? I’m gonna let Greg talk about, you know, talk about that because there are some things that you can do and should do. But, the workers’ compensation rules haven’t changed but you really do need to be even more vigilant in protecting your rights.

Greg: Correct. You know, obviously you want to get it treated safely. I believe some of the work doctors are currently open, which would be the panel physicians under the Act, which work really for the insurance companies. The good news is though, the worker’s compensation courts are moving forward, they’re doing a lot of remote work, phone conferences. So that is still going, so you know, I’m glad to see the judges have embraced this and are working hard, as they always do. And I know the defense lawyers doing all claims, claimant lawyers, they’re helping their clients on a daily basis. So if you have those claims, pick up the phone, give us a call. We’re still here, we’re doing it remotely by phone, video, Skype, with Zoom; you name it, we do it.

Ed: We settled a comp case the other day, you know, over virtual mediation, so.

Haley: Okay! Well, viewers, you need to keep them busy while they’re stuck at home. Give them a call or go to

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