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What Happens If I Drink and Drive and Get Into a Car Accident?

The Law & You
December 11, 2017

The Law and You

What Happens If I Drink and Drive and Get Into a Car Accident?

If you drink and drive following a party, then get into a car accident, what can happen? Car accident lawyers Harry McGrath Jr. and Greg Fellerman explain the consequences of drunk driving accidents.

Dave Kuharchik: It is holiday party season. We have a related question tonight on “The Law & You.” Back with us are attorneys Greg Fellerman and Harry McGrath, who’s here for Ed. Good to see you guys.

Harry McGrath: Good to see you, Dave.

Greg Fellerman: ‘Tis the season.

Dave: It’s that time, middle of December now, getting closer and closer to the holidays. How about this question involving a holiday party scenario: Carl in Lewisburg says, “I have to go to my upcoming holiday party and I am nervous about driving home from the party. What could happen if I drink and drive and get into a wreck?” A lot of bad stuff, right?

Harry: Yeah, well, Carl we would advise you to never drink and drive in any situation, especially around the holidays. Unfortunately, it’s something that happens a lot during this time of year. Law enforcement is going to be on the lookout for this type of thing. Not only are you posing a big danger to yourself, you’re obviously posing a big danger to other drivers on the roadway. We would tell you to either carpool, think about a taxi, Uber, there’s a lot of options; None of them should be drinking and driving.

Greg: The other thing is: If you’re in a wreck, you’re going to assume a couple things. One, you’re going to have a criminal ramification which would be a DUI; It would result in a fine, loss of your license, and possible incarceration. Then, you hit somebody, so more likely than not you’ll be getting sued civilly. Harry’s right, it doesn’t make any sense to put the keys in the ignition after you’ve had a drink. Call for a ride, get a ride home. The other thing, these holiday parties, people have to be cognizant of: You’re at a work function, so you want to be conducting yourself accordingly. The employer should be on the lookout making sure none of the employees are leaving impaired or not safe driving. In the alternative, get them transportation home.

Dave: Good advice all around to take into consideration at your holiday party this season. Of course, the attorneys are here if you need help. Don’t forget, results matter with attorneys Greg Fellerman and Harry McGrath. We’ll see you guys next time.

Greg: Thank you very much.

Harry: Thank you, Dave.

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