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The Law & You

What Makes Up Basic Estate Planning?

The Law & You
July 19, 2018

The Law and You

What Makes Up Basic Estate Planning?

Not sure what estate planning is? Estate planning attorneys Greg Fellerman and Molly Clark have that answer! Learn more.

Dave Kuharchik: We have a question here tonight about estate planning in this edition of  “The Law & You.” Back here in the Virtual Law Center are attorneys Greg Fellerman and Molly Clark, who’s here again for Ed. Thank you both for being here.

Greg Fellerman: This is magical. This is going really well here with Molly.

Dave: It’s worked well. I think Molly also loves the Virtual Law Center.

Molly Clark: I do.

Dave: It’s an amazing place here.

Greg: Another person with a thumbs up for the Virtual Law Center.

Dave: Our question tonight, this involves estate planning. Ray in Honesdale a very – question “What makes up basic estate planning?” Molly what do you have to say to Ray.

Molly: Ray I have to say I don’t know a lot about basic estate because I don’t do a lot of that. What’s most important is to have a will. You need to have a will set up so if something unfortunately happens, you won’t have your family fighting over your belongings or your property or your assets or your money. The most important thing is to have a will set up. There’s living wills, you could have trust set up for your grandchildren or children or things of that nature. Your question’s kind of broad so there’s a lot of things that go into that but I would say start with a will, maybe have a living will in the event something happens to you, you get ill and you don’t want to have a DNR or things of that nature. Other than that, let’s see what Greg has to say.

Greg: Molly’s – estate planning. Those are really the three things, it’s a will, power of attorney, and advanced healthcare directive. Those are the things that you want to have in place. What we talk about all the time, plan. Do it now, don’t wait. There are lawyer that specialize in this stuff and it makes a lot of sense. You don’t want your family trying to pick up your pieces if something happens without those documents. It just takes time. If you sit down, spend a little money, you get everything figured out. If you have kids, grand-kids, whatever you want to do you could actually plan all that out. It should give you peace of mind. That’s really what you’re paying for. Peace of mind and to know your things are going to be handled the way you want to. You work hard to get what you have.

Dave: Absolutely, and if you have questions you could reach out. You could check out the lawyers online as well. Results matter with attorneys Greg Fellerman and Molly Clark. We’ll see you next time.

Greg: Thanks.

Molly: Thanks we’ll see you next time.

Dave: and “The Law & You” hotline are there for you.

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