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What’s Going On With the Clergy Abuse Cases?

The Law & You
July 11, 2019

The Law and You

What’s Going On With the Clergy Abuse Cases?

What’s going on with Pennsylvania’s clergy abuse cases? Clergy abuse lawyers Ed Ciarimboli and Harry McGrath Jr. explain the latest news.

Haley Blanco: It’s a time for “The Law & You” and joining me today we have to the area’s best attorneys, Ed Ciarimboli and Harry McGrath are in the house. Great to see you, guys.

Ed Ciarimboli: We like to think that we’re here with the best person at WBRE as well.

Haley: Thank you for that.

Ed: Never mind that. Who’s that guy that you do the PA live! with?

Haley: Oh, my co-host?

Ed: Yeah, he’s a bomb.

Haley: Well, we love Bryan and we love you guys. So let’s get to this question. Today, we’re giving you some free legal advice. This comes from Leon and he is saying, “What is going on with the clergy abuse cases?” Good day for an update here.

Ed: What a great, great question. And also the timing of it is very good as well. So there’s a lot that’s going on right now. The fund, we talked about this. All the dioceses across the state of Pennsylvania after the grand jury report came out, they set up a victims’ compensation fund. So now, there are time periods where that fund is closing. And those time periods are getting very close. So if you have been a victim or a survivor of clergy abuse, you need to give us a call because once that door closes, the statute limitations still haven’t been opened up yet for these cases. There are some there’s some law pending in the appellate courts right now that may allow it. But the only real way to get compensation right now is through the fund set up by the dioceses.

Harry McGrath: That’s exactly right. And for each of the different dioceses in the Commonwealth, there are some different requirements and different types of information that they’re going to need. So give us a call. We’ll help you through that process and we’ll do our best to get you a meaningful recovery for what you had to go through.

Ed: Yeah, we’ve submitted a lot of claims for individuals that have been part of this just horrific circumstances, and the fund is providing compensation for them. Now, you don’t have to take the compensation that they offer. You can decline it and then actually go into court if you so choose. But once the door closes on that fund then we’re not sure.

Haley: So that window is closing, reach out to these attorneys for more information and you can submit your questions for “The Law & You” online if go to

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