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What You Need to Know About Truck Driver Error

Every year there are up to 500,000 automobile accidents involving trucks in the United States. That includes semis, 18-wheelers, trailer-tractors, big rigs, and more. Out of those, over 5,000 results in death. With a multitude of truck accidents occurring, they can be caused by many different things. Some of the leading causes of truck accidents are truck driver error, passenger vehicle driver error, and malfunctions.

In fact, here are some instances of truck driver error that you should be aware of in case you find yourself the victim of any type of truck accident:

  • Driving
  • Under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Under extreme fatigue
  • Without the proper training or license
  • Ignoring legal speed limits for big trucks. If a sudden stop is necessary and the driver is ignoring the speed limit, a braking accident and/or rear-end collision may occur.
  • Overloading the truck with more weight than it is designed to hold.
  • Failing to secure liquid loads or other loads properly. Or, failing to fill the tankers to the required capacity.
  • Ignoring dangerous road conditions like slippery roads, hills, slopes, ditches and more. Failing to adjust driving to the weather (snow, storms, etc.) that affects the road is also an error.
  • Unsuccessfully blocking the truck bed correctly, which could lead to the bed falling.
  • Turning too quickly can provoke the truck into rolling over on its side.

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