Results Matter. Let Us Show You How Much.


Our aggressive work in the courtroom has racked up millions of dollars in case verdicts and compensations over the years. Here you’ll learn about some of our most notable victories, and the related compensations, that we’ve earned for people just like you.

Trucking Crashes

Henry Gfroehrer v. Werner Trucking
$4,000,000 verdict
Mr. Gfroehrer was hit by an overweight and out of control tractor trailer which was driving illegally on PA 115. This verdict was the number #1 trucking collision verdict in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 2011.
Accident victim awarded $4 million
Lawyers help Wilkes-Barre man get $4 million for a truck accident

The Estate of G.K. – Trucking settlement
Our client was hit head on and killed by a box truck which was speeding and crossed over median striking. This settlement was achieved for the family in 13 months.

The Estate of J.R. – Trucking settlement
Settlement was achieved on the day of jury selection on behalf of the family of a 20 year old young man who was killed when his SUV struck the side of a tractor trailer which was doing an illegal U-Turn in the middle of the roadway.

Premises Liability

Karen LaLone – Slip and Fall – settlement
Settlement was obtained on behalf of a New York woman who sustained a broken ankle while at a wedding at a local country club.

Gina Morgan – Premises Liability – settlement
Settlement was obtained on behalf of a young mother who was struck in the fact while volunteering at a little league game and had to undergo multiple dental surgies.

Lois Hampton – Premises Liability – settlement
Settlement was obtained on behalf of our 82 year old client who sustained permanent shoulder injuries as a result of falling at a local department store as a result of a defective rack system.

Motor Vehicle Collisions

The Estate of Jonathan Sperlazzo – Settlement
Settlement was obtained in this uninsured motorist case on behalf of a 21 year old man who was ejected from an SUV and subsequently died. The driver of the SUV had been cut off by another vehicle. Settlement was obtained from Mr. Sperlazzo’s uninsured motorist carrier.
Pittston man dies in car crash
Pittston man killed in car accident
Pittston man ejected from vehicle in Sunday crash dies
State police identify people involved in fatal crash in North Towanda

David Smith v. Steven Sitler
$1,100,000 – Verdict
Verdict was obtained for Mr. Smith against the defendant who was high on heroin at the time of the crash. This verdict was the Number #1 Motor Vehicle Collision verdict in Luzerne County in 2012.
Crash victim awarded $1.1M in civil suit

William Bell – Settlement
Settlement was obtained for a 88 year old man who sustained a head injury as a result of being struck broadsided by another vehicle.

The Estate of P.W. – Verdict and Settlement
A verdict was obtained in this case in which our client was struck by vehicle that was racing. The case resulted in both a bad faith case against the driver’s automobile insurance carrier and also the underinsured motorist carrier for our client.

Peter Pikutis – Verdict
Verdict was obtained on behalf of our client who sustained a significant injury,including, post traumatic stress disorder.
Pikutis v. Allstate Property & Casualty Insurance Company

Timothy Poteski – Settlement
Settlement was reached approximately two weeks prior to trial for our client who was a construction worker that was no longer able to return to his job as a heavy mechanic.

Ryan Rudnitskas – Verdict
Verdict was obtained on behalf of our client whose neck was permanently injured in an automobile collision.

Antonio Womack – Settlement
Settlement as obtained in this case for $275,000 on an insuracne policy of $15,000. The settlement was both for compensatory and bad faith damages.

Medical Malpractice

The Estate of J.S. – Verdict
Verdict was obtained on behalf of our client who was misdiagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

The Estate of Dan Owca – Settlement
Settlement was obtained on behalf of the Owca family as a result of Mr. Owca’s diabetic medication being mishandled resulting in his death.

The Estate of S.B. – Settlement
Settlement was obtained on behalf of our client whose cancer of the throat was not properly handled.

M.B. a minor
Settlement was obtained on behalf of our minor client whose eye injury was not treated at a local emergency room.

The Estate of D.K – Settlement
Settlement was obtained on behalf of our 90 year old client who was killed at a local nursing facility as a result of his feeding tube not being properly monitored.